Captain America 3 Going Head To Head With Man Of Steel 2?

Can we even let Captain America: The Winter Soldier make it past its world premiere before we start talking about a sequel? No we can’t, not when The Hollywood Reporter ran an exclusive report on Thursday about Captain America 3 possibly hitting theaters May 6, 2016, on the same day as Man of Steel 2.

While this might seem like Marvel feeling its oats since Cap’s second solo outing is generating all kinds of positive buzz, THR explains that Marvel Studios has had three dates in 2016 staked out for a while. Warner Bros. only moved Man of Steel 2 to that particular day two months ago, pushing it back from its originally targeted July 2015 release.

Two things are certain. One is that neither film is likely to be officially titled what I’ve been calling them in this post (Captain America 3 is going to get a subtitle for sure). The other is that there’s almost a zero percent chance two competing super hero movies end up coming out on the same day. As the WWE’s Triple H might say, that’s not what’s best for business for either Marvel or Warner Bros, especially in a day and age when big budget movies make so much of their total box office off of the first couple weeks.

With that in mind, look for one of them to flinch. Either Warner will get nervous after seeing Cap tear it up at the box office and move Man of Steel 2 again, or Captain America 3 just won’t be ready by that date — possible even though Joe and Anthony Russo have already been talking about a third movie — and Marvel’s parent Disney will release something else on May 6 and send Cap to one of the other dates it’s been squatting on.

Until then, it’s at least fun to think about Captain America and Superman going mano-a-mano for movie supremacy, giving Marvel or DC more official bragging rights than things like this.

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