Deadpool Original Sin Teaser Hints At Revelations About His Past

At least I think that’s what’s going on with this teaser image Marvel just released today:

This is quite a bit more grisly than the teaser we saw for Captain America, and I was more certain of the meaning behind that one. Since there’s a Deadpool mask over the boy in this picture and his civilian identity is Wade Wilson, this is apparently a picture of him in a happier time with both parents still alive.

I’m not up to date on all of Deadpool’s many adventures (it would be tough since he appears in so many comics), and he’s often written in a way to make it seem you can’t trust his memories of the past. But as far as I know, his mother died of cancer and his father was killed by one of his friends while drunk. The bloody X-marks might mean we don’t know the true story. Maybe both his parents were killed, or perhaps he was more responsible for their deaths than we’ve been led to believe.

That would certainly qualify as his original sin, and it even makes sense with the bible verse quoted in the image (see different takes on Genesis 4:12 here). We’ll learn the truth in just a few months — Original Sin #1 goes on sale May 7 — and hopefully Marvel has a few more of these in store since comic book guessing games are fun.


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