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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Gets New Fear Itself Chapter

One great thing about the episodic nature of the updates to the Facebook and mobile game Marvel: Avengers Alliance is that just about any wide-ranging storyline from the comics could end up adapted for the game. As evidence, I present the game’s latest chapter, which is now live, and is based on the Fear Itself event from 2011.

You remember that one, right? It featured the invasion of the the Asgardian fear god known as the Serpent, a bunch of hammers that transformed heroes and villains alike into ultra-powerful rampaging monsters, and the special brand of evil brought by Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter.

The game ties in this story with what’s already been  happening. Here’s the official description of the new Avengers Alliance chapter:

With the constant threat of Incursions always a foreboding presence, the old lines of loyalty between A.I.M. and HYDRA erode. Is HYDRA planning to reabsorb A.I.M.? In London, Baron Mordo and Kang search for ancient relics at a private museum, as the Circle of 8 call out for Moon Knight. Iron Fist goes to investigate if the Hellfire Club are controlling the Circle of 8, but he is interrupted by the Dark Avengers. Back on our shores, ancient demonic forces begin sensing that the time has come to exploit the chaos and make a move on New York. But is Kingpin taking over the Maggia? Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows, The Serpent stirs. Selecting his Worthy to take part in the destruction of Earth.

avengers-alliance-she-hulk-worthySome artistic license is being taken with the comic book storyline, like having She-Hulk (pictured here) end up becoming Skrim, Breaker of Men, instead of Titania. Still, it’s a cool continuation of the types of things Avengers Alliance has been adding in every update, and it certainly shows that your favorite event is likely to make an appearance sooner or later.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a free download from the iOS App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, and is also playable on Facebook.

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