Super Hero Squad Online Kicks Off The Summer Of Spiders With Superior Spider-Man

Super Hero Squad Online has a whole summer of spider-themed goodies planned, and it’s kicking off by introducing Superior Spider-Man as the game’s latest playable character. With the body of Peter Parker and the mind of Doc Ock, it’s no wonder he has a superiority complex, and he can prove it with abilities like Air Superiority, Superior Kick and Six-Armed Fury. He’s available now for Jr. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents (the game’s subscribers) and will be on sale for everyone a week from now.

Meanwhile, it’s still July 4th weekend, and you know what that means: an Independence Day Sale on some of the most patriotic heroes in Super Hero Squad Online. The full list of sale heroes is:

  • Captain America
  • Iron Patriot
  • American Dream
  • Captain America: Super Soldier
  • Avengers Captain America
  • Bucky Cap
  • Stealth Suit Captain America

(What, no one from our list of the top 10 underrated American patriotic heroes?)

You can also grab a special title by entering the code “CPTROGERS” — no prize for figuring out the reference for that one.

Also of interest is the current leaderboard event, which challenges players to take on the regular or Crisis editions of the Strike of the Spider-Foes mission as the original Spider-Man. The top 40 finishers on the leaderboard will win Agent Venom on the day he releases.

See, spiders and July 4th weekend picnics do mix! Check out everything going on in Super Hero Squad Online by heading to today.

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