Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Guardians Of The Galaxy Play Set Revealed

We knew it was coming, but now Disney and Marvel have actually shown off the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). And on the eve of San Diego Comic-Con, no less.

As you can see in the debut trailer below — which dovetails nicely with the upcoming movie as the beginning focuses on whether or not Star-Lord has a plan — the Play Set has a very action-oriented feel in keeping with the increased emphasis on combat that goes with adding Marvel characters to the Disney Infinity mix. There’s also a quick look at some flying/space combat elements and some of the things you’ll be able to bring into Toy Box mode. Stick around to the very end to hear Groot give several suggestions for the team’s battle cry, all of which sound pretty similar.

The Play Set comes with Star-Lord and Gamora, meaning you’ll have to make some additional figure purchases to play with the whole team. The buzz is that you’ll also be able to use Iron Man and Nova in the Guardians’ Play Set since they were members of the team in the comics at one point, which is a nice touch.

No release date for the Play Set or Guardians of the Galaxy figures has been given, but Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is scheduled to release for most platforms on September 23.

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