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If you’re a Spider-Man fan, you’ve already got November circled on your calendar for the start of Spider-Verse, a reality-spanning tale that will force almost every variation of Spider-Man ever to unite against a common and incredibly powerful threat. What you might not know is just how big the event truly is and how many additional comics will be spawned as it approaches.

The massive scope of the story was one of the main topics during Marvel’s Spider-Verse panel (live blogged at at Comic-Con International on Friday, as senior editor Nick Lowe was joined by creators Dan Slott, Mark Waid, Humberto Ramos and Nick Spencer about all things Spider-Verse.

The story actually kicks off in just a few weeks in the pages of Superior-Spider Man #32, which presents the two-issue return of the Otto Octavius Spider-Man in some unfamiliar surroundings. Those issues will lead to Edge of Spider-Verse, a mini-series that begins in October and will star characters like Spider-Man Noir, a Gwen Stacey Spider-Woman and the MC2 Spider-Girl, just to name a few. A variety of writers and artists will work on the book, including Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, who will write issue #5.

Two new mini-series were also announced during the panel: Spider-Verse Team-Up, and Scarlet Spiders. Both will run for three issues, with the latter teaming Ben Reilly, Kaine and Ultimate Jessica Drew, all of whom are clones.



As for the actual event itself, Slott said he had it planned out as far back as Amazing Spider-Man #600. He also revealed that he’s using as many Spider-Men as possible, save for eight that are unavailable for legal reasons. The Q&A session that closed out the panel ferreted out some of them: both the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield movie versions, Lego Spider-Man from the video games and the 1970s live-action TV Spider-Man.

Miles Morales will be on hand, and Slott reminded attendees that he’s met both the Amazing and Superior versions of Spider-Man before. The 616 counterpart of Morales won’t be involved, but could the late Ultimate Peter Parker make an appearance? Slott would only say that was a really good question.

Two things were apparent by the end of the panel: Spider-Man fanatics might want to start saving their spare dollars now, and if you don’t find your favorite spider-powered character in Spider-Verse, you’re probably not trying very hard.

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