X-Men: Hellfire Gala set to come to life at SDCC 2023

DF-00144 – Lana Condor is Jubilation Lee / Jubilee in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Photo Credit: Alan Markfield.
DF-00144 – Lana Condor is Jubilation Lee / Jubilee in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Photo Credit: Alan Markfield. /

For the first time ever, the Hellfire Gala comes to life, and you’re invited! The famous storyline from Marvel comics gets real world treatment at SDCC.

The Hellfire Gala was first mentioned back in 2021 in the comic Marauders #21 with Emma Frost behind the idea of creating this soon-to-be iconic event.

This became a huge X-Men crossover event in the comics on the fictional island of Krakoa, where attendees voted for the next members of the X-Men team and guests were expected to show up in high-fashion costumes similar to the Met Gala in our world. But now for the first time ever D23 will bring a real-life Hellfire Gala to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Marvel will be the host of this lavish event, bringing the mutant-populated island of Krakoa to life at SDCC. Krakoa is a living island in the marvel universe specifically the X-Men comics, that inhabits a large population of mutants. The Hellfire Gala is held annually here, with characters from all over the Marvel Universe visiting for the big event.

SDCC’s Hellfire Gala would mostly take place in the Hellfire Ballroom but they also have other areas including Lair X where guests will be able to witness and experience the history of mutants over the years.

Hellfire Gala will be cosplayers time to shine

As always, cosplayers are encouraged to show out in their unique and best costumes showcasing their love and interests for their favorite animes, movies, comics, and shows dressing as characters from those worlds. It’s a time to let your inner child roam free and escape reality with others who share the same passion.

With the Hellfire Gala, it’s encouraged for participants to showcase their best cosplays whilst adding high fashion elements as their favorite heroes and villains. This gala will more than likely be a huge hit and could turn into an annual event for SDCC.

When is the Hellfire Gala being held?

According to D23’s official site, this glam event will be held this summer on July 22 from 8 pm to 11 pm PT at the Parq Nightclub in San Diego, California. Tickets went on sale Wednesday, May 24, starting at $65.00 with a processing fee of $7.

For more info on this event and prices for tickets click here.

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