Kabam Announces Marvel Contest Of Champions Mobile Game

Obviously, there’s one really big question that needs to be asked: is this game based on the Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions limited series from the early 80s? Because that was a fun story, with the Grandmaster and Death battling it out for the life of the Collector using the heroes as pawns, and it actually had lasting consequences since the Elders of the Universe became effectively immortal (as opposed to just really, really long-lived) for a while.

Even if it isn’t, the newly announced Marvel Contest of Champions looks a bit more dynamic than you’d expect for a mobile game, it has a story written by Sam Humphries, and the debut trailer shows off some cool face-offs: Hulk vs. Juggernaut, Storm vs. Black Panther (in a battle of exes!) and Spider-Man vs. Captain America, just to name a few. No official word on operating systems, but the vague wording of “smartphones and tablets” suggests both iOS and Android.

I’d also expect that this “immersive, high-action, high-fidelity super hero combat game” will be free-to-play, since that’s how Kabam usually rolls. It’s coming this fall, and it already has an official Facebook page so you can keep track of further info as it is released.

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