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Electro Ready To Light Up Super Hero Squad Online

Oh yeah, it’s time to light it up. If it seems like there’s a storm approaching Super Hero City, it might just be the fact that Electro is the latest playable character in Super Hero Squad Online.

Sporting his classic but gaudy costume from the comics, Electro is ready to throw a charge into all kinds of enemies. He’s well-equipped to do it thanks to his Electro Boom, and he also has High Voltage as a buff and Electrobubble to play some defense. Electro is available now exclusively to subscribers for one week, after which time he’ll be open to all players.

In the meantime, it’s another Bonus XP weekend in the Onslaught Onslaught! mission. Play it with any character for some extra experience, and enter the code “LVELCTRO” for a free level up potion.

Wondering where the Guardians of the Galaxy are? Gazillion knows people are anxious to play with the heroes from the summer’s hottest Marvel movie and is putting the finishing touches on them now. Watch for a Guardians pre-order pack to hit the game soon.

As usual, sounds like some compelling reasons to Hero Up, or Villain Up, as applicable. Download Super Hero Squad Online for free at


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