Matt Ward To Play DC Villain Komodo On Arrow

Arrow has already had more than its fair share of archers running around. Aside from Oliver Queen, Malcolm Merlyn is still alive, Roy Harper looks like he’s going to be stepping up his archery game in Season 2, and Shado was pretty handy with a bow until her untimely demise.

Now we can add one more name to that crowded field of sharpshooters, as Entertainment Weekly broke the news that Matt Ward will play the villainous Simon Lacroix, also known in DC comics as Komodo. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim told EW that Komodo will be the “villain-of-the-week” in the second episode of Season 3, but that Lacroix’s story will fit in better with the overall story arc that will shape up during the third season.

Since Lacroix is a mercenary, this implies that he’s been hired to test Team Arrow. And with Ra’s al Ghul looming as the Season 3 “Big Bad,” this strikes me as something that the Demon’s Head would definitely do to ensure he has the upper hand on his enemies.

Arrow returns to The CW with its season debut on October 8, meaning we’ll be seeing Komodo clash with Oliver and company midway through October.

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