New Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Trailer Shows Heroes In The Toy Box

The Marvel super heroes are in the Toy Box, and Disney Infinity won’t ever be quite the same again.

There’s quite a bit of cool stuff in the latest Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes trailer, including the Hulk flying around in Phil Coulson’s beloved Lola, new ways to get around in the Toy Box with a flying Iron Man and a web-swinging, black-suited Spider-Man, a drag race between Hawkeye and Ronan and a horse race between Nick Fury and Thor. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

We also get a quick look at the new mini-games that will be playable within the Toy Box mode. Two of them — a tower defense game and a dungeon crawler — will be featured on special Power Discs that come with the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack.

The trailer also emphasizes the fact that you can play with both Marvel and classic Disney characters together in Toy Box worlds, which is sure to be a big selling point for gamers who are fans of both brands. We’re only about a month away from the U.S. release date of September 23, so start saving your spare dollars now!

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