Operation Omega Begins In Marvel Heroes 2015

Who is, what is … Operation Omega? It turns out that it’s the latest recurring week-long event in Marvel Heroes 2015, and it’s on right now. Like, literally right now if you logged in to play at this very moment.

From the ominous name to some of the event details, it sounds like it makes things harder for the players. For one thing, there’s a chance for tougher and more difficult enemies to spawn. But that risk is balanced by reward, in the form of 24 percent faster leveling, 24 percent server-wide boosts to XP and item find percentages and exclusive items and artifacts you can get from Dum Dum Dugan. Careful though, he may be an LMD.

There’s even a special Omega-Level Boost available that can be combined with the server-wide boosts. It lasts four hours and increases movement speed by 10 percent and experience gain, rare and special item find chances and orb pickup range by 100 percent each. It even grants a chance to summon a SHIELD Agent as reinforcement for 30 seconds.

Other noteworthy announcements include a 24 percent off sale on the Punisher’s Omega Effect costume and the debut of Black Panther’s Doom War costume. Rogue is available now for pre-order too, so you can have access to her as soon as she hits the game.

Last but not least, you can enter the new mystery code “ACCESS” before noon Pacific time on Monday, August 25 to get an extra reward. Marvel Heroes 2015 remains free-to-play and can be downloaded at MarvelHeroes.com.

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