Are There Super Heroes In Madden 15? This Video Makes It Look Like It

I mean, the five athletes from the League of Captains are obviously in the newly released Madden 15, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

No, I mean it appears that players with superhuman strength are “in the game” this season thanks to a pretty awesome glitch brought to our attention by Josh Sanchez on our mother site, Check out the video evidence and wonder along with us whether Thor is playing offensive line for the St. Louis Rams (who could use him more than ever since Sam Bradford is out for the season):

EA Sports will, of course, patch Madden 15 so that players aren’t knocked 20 feet up in the air, particularly in the most concussion-conscious era in NFL history. But we have to ask: is this just a bug that somehow avoided the QA team, or are there some comic book fans in prominent roles on the Madden programming team?

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