Groot Arrives In Super Hero Squad Online

Remember when we told you about that Guardians of the Galaxy pre-sale bundle for Super Hero Squad Online about a week ago? Did you get it? Because if you did, you’re sitting pretty for the arrival of the one Guardian who lit the way for his teammates and danced his way into everyone’s hearts, all despite a very limited vocabulary.

I’m talking about Groot, and even if you didn’t grab the bundle, you can buy him in the store right now if you’re a Jr. SHIELD Agent. If not, you’ve got to wait another week. It’s like that old credit card commercial put it: membership has its privileges.

However you manage to acquire him, Groot is ready to put his Groot Strength, Groot Smash and Hero Up abilities to use for the greater good. And if you want to see him in action, you can check him out in the latest episode of Squad Time, which we’ve got for you right here:

Once you’re done with that, you might want to log in and play some Super Hero Squad Online over the holiday weekend. Gold is on sale, with a 10 percent bonus on all purchases, and its also Galactic XP Weekend. That means you can earn 50 percent more XP by playing missions with some of the more cosmic-minded heroes, including Groot, Silver Surfer, Nova and Ms. Marvel.

We also have a code for you as usual. Enter “GRTLVLP” and you’ll be the proud owner of a free level up potion. Don’t wait — go Hero Up right now. Groot is waiting for you!

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