Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Star In And Direct Sandman Movie


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Morpheus? Yep, it’s happening, as he’s been announced as the star and director of an upcoming “Sandman” movie.

Fans of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Vertigo series should take comfort in the fact that there’s some legitimate comics talent attached to the project. Screenwriter (of the “Dark Knight” and “Blade” movies, among others) and comic book scribe David Goyer penned the script, and Neil Gaiman, who rocketed to superstardom by writing the comics the movie is based on, will serve as executive producer.

And Gordon-Levitt sure seems like he’s a comic book fan too. He’s certainly saying all the right things, calling the movie his “dream project”—unless that was just a pun about the film’s protagonist, Dream himself.

As for adapting such a rich and long-running series, the guess here is that they’d start at the beginning. A combination of “Preludes and Nocturnes” and “The Doll’s House” would work nicely for a movie, though it might be a long one, and the explicit DC super hero and villain references may have to be written out.

In any case, it’s always good to see high quality comics on their way to movie theaters, and “Sandman” is exactly that. Just some advice for Gordon-Levitt: don’t mess this up, or comics fans will never forgive you.


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