Last Minute Gift Idea For Comic Book Fans: ComiXology Holiday Sale


As I type this, it’s getting close to Christmas. Dangerously close, as in just a few days away. Even though I’m a notorious last minute shopper and thus run the risk of being a hypocrite, you might want to get on that shopping thing if you haven’t started yet.

If you need ideas for the comic book fan on your list, might we suggest some digital comics? They’re portable, you don’t have to wrap them, and right now, there’s a pretty sweet sale on some good Marvel and DC super hero titles through comiXology.

The Marvel Now! sale (exclamation point required)  runs through January 2, dropping the price of the first few issues of over two dozen books that launched or relaunched between the fall of 2012 and now all the way down to $0.99 an issue. There are bundles too, grouping books thematically and giving you a couple for free. The Avengers Bundle, for instance, is 57 total issues for $54.99.

DC is going a different route, as its sale is on 25 essential graphic novels or collections. Many of these are seminal super hero stories that every fan should own in some form, stuff like “Watchmen” and “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns,” along with less iconic but still cool collected storylines like “Blackest Night” and the Morrison/Porter run on “JLA.” Everything is discounted at rates up to 70 percent off, and those prices also last until January 2.

There you go: last minute shopping solved. You’re welcome.


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