Frank Miller Supplying Catwoman Cover For Detective Comics #27


If you’re a fan of comic book history, you know that “Detective Comics” #27 is one of the most important issues of all time. It featured the first appearance of Batman, an event that we can say helped shape super heroes forever without risk of hyperbole.

Of course as part of its New 52 initiative, DC pulled the once unthinkable move of starting “Detective Comics” over at #1, which means there’s a new #27 coming down the pike soon. Fittingly, it’s going to be a multi-creator celebration of all things Batman, including a contribution from one of the most renowned creators ever to tackle the Dark Knight: Frank Miller.

Earlier this week, DC showed off the cover Miller is contributing for “Detective Comics” #27, which you can see above. As Comics Alliance revealed, it’s not a new image, but something the mastermind behind “The Dark Knight Returns” cooked up while working on “All-Star Batman and Robin” that just never got used. And if you read any of the series that gave us the infamous “I’m the Goddamn Batman” quote (and the glorious memes that spawned in its wake), you’ll no doubt agree it fits in perfectly with that aesthetic.

“Detective Comics” #27 is slated for release on January 8, and among other things, includes “a modern-day retelling of The Dark Knight’s origin by the incredible team of writer Brad Meltzer and artist Bryan Hitch.” It’s an oversized issue that will retail for $7.99.


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