Super Hero Squad Online Kicks Off 2014 With Malekith Mission


It’s okay to toot your own horn a bit when it’s January and you’re looking back at the year that’s just ended. Gazillion did that this weekend, sending out an email to remind all “Super Hero Squad Online” players about everything that got added to the game during 2013. All told, 31 new heroes (some of whom are actually playable villains) and 13 new missions with four new bosses joined the fun.

Plus the game got sidekicks, badges, survival missions and a crafting system. That’s an eventful year any way you slice it.

Now it’s onward to 2014, and that means a brand new mission to kick things off right. “The Curse of Malekith” features that bad guy from “Thor: The Dark World” who was played by the Ninth Doctor. You may also know him as Malekith, and he’s accompanied by his fellow dark elves to cause trouble for Squaddies everywhere in both standard and Crisis Edition difficulties.

Gazillion says it has big plans for this year as well, so don’t expect to see “Super Hero Squad Online” go very long without new content in 2014. Future Foundation Dr. Doom is currently 20 percent off for subscribers too, so you know what that means: it’s time to hero up again.


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