Rumor: Wonder Woman Role In Man Of Steel Sequel Similar To Black Widow In Iron Man 2

If you’re a DC fan and anxious to see the company step up its game to give Marvel a run for its money when it comes to super hero movies, following the rumors about Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” sequel can almost be its own hobby. Though all kinds of heroes and villains have been the subject of speculation, all we know for sure is that Henry Cavill returns as Superman with Amy Adams as his Lois Lane, Ben Affleck is playing Batman, and Gal Gadot has joined the cast as Wonder Woman.

Ah, but how big a part will Princess Diana get to play? There’s no solid intel on that front yet, but some interesting rumors have arisen over the past day or so from a usually reliable source. As reported by CBR’s Spinoff Online, Jett from has compared Wonder Woman’s role in the upcoming movie to “Scarlett Johansson’s first appearance as Black Widow in ‘Iron Man 2.'”

That’s good news for Wonder Woman fans who have had their dreams of seeing the Amazon done justice on the big screen more than once, particularly when Joss Whedon was going to give it a crack back around 2005. With the proposed “Amazon” TV series also on the back burner for now, Diana’s appearance in the “Man of Steel” sequel is going to be pretty much it for now.

There’s also some potentially bad stuff for people who would prefer the DC films don’t thumb their noses at comic book canon altogether. Jett thinks the movie will tie the Amazons in with the Kryptonians by giving their races common origins. Not only is that a giant departure from the comics—one that got mostly torn to shreds in the comments section of the Spinoff Online piece—it also means that Superman and Wonder Woman might somehow be related.

If that’s the case, let’s hope they don’t follow the lead of New 52 continuity and make them romantic interests, because that would be… awkward. The movie doesn’t hit theaters until July 17, 2015, but we’ll likely know before then whether any of these guesses about Wonder Woman are on target.


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