Rumor: Peter Parker Back This Year In Amazing Spider-Man #1?


When Peter Parker and Otto Octavius, better known as his arch-enemy Doctor Octopus, switched minds and left the world with the new “Superior” Spider-Man, most comic readers figured it was a limited time only deal. Writer Dan Slott has played his cards pretty close to the vest since then, but a recent leak suggests that the old wall-crawler could be back in just a few months.

Several prominent comic book sites have reported the leaked cover of a brand new “Amazing Spider-Man” #1 from the team of Slott and artist Humberto Ramos. That doesn’t seem to be in question, so we can expect the return of that iconic series.

What is purely speculation at this point is whether or not it means the return of the real Peter Parker, mind and body. As evidence, people have pointed to the fact that the original Spider-Man costume is back, as well as Spidey’s partially unmasked smile. Unfortunately, Marvel made both Bleeding Cool and CBR take the cover image down, so we can’t currently see for ourselves.

Fans have ranged all over the map with guesses as to what Slott’s endgame would be for the “Superior” saga. Parker’s return was the clubhouse leader by far, but others thought Octavius might hold onto the job, and some even thought Miles Morales (from the Ultimate universe) or Miguel O’Hara (from the future!) could end up with the gig. Marvel hasn’t been the best at keeping secrets in the Marvel Now era, so we might know before the new series kicks off. But it would certainly be cool to be surprised, so fingers crossed that Slott can do just that.


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