DC Ending Six Series In April, Including Superman Unchained, Nightwing


The April solicitations for DC Comics are out, and a half-dozen series are getting the axe. Some, like “Justice League of America,” which is relaunching soon as “Justice League United,” were expected. Others come as surprises, including one very high profile book starring the Man of Steel and another featuring a perennial fan favorite.

Both “Superman Unchained” and “Nightwing” are coming to an end three months from now, the former ending after just nine issues and the latter wrapping up with issue 30. As CBR explains, it was known the current creative teams were leaving those books soon, but it was assumed the series would continue.

Since “Superman Unchained” was created specifically to allow writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee to work together, its demise doesn’t really qualify as a shock. No one expected guys that busy to be on the book for too long, and just about any creative team DC put together would face a potentially frightening sales drop trying to follow in their footsteps. December’s issue #5 was the fifth-highest selling comic of the month, moving more copies than both “Action Comics” and “Superman” combined.

“Nightwing” is potentially more troublesome, given that its star has a big role in “Forever Evil” that has seen his secret identity outed to the world. Could this mean we’ll see Dick Grayson emerge with a new look and code name? Anything is possible in the New 52 DC world, but if the company is considering killing off the original Robin, it’s going to face some serious backlash from the fans (as anyone who attended a comic convention last time Dan DiDio hinted at a similar move can tell you).

Also on the chopping block are “Stormwatch,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Teen Titans.” Smart money says we see those last two titles back at some point in the future—especially “Titans,” as DC never seems to go too long without the team around in some form.

(via Comic Book Resources)


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