Five Villains Who Would Be Cool To See In Thor 3

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The Enchantress

It’s actually hard to believe we’ve already had two movies and not had Amora show up yet. She’s been a thorn in Thor’s side for 50 years in the comics, and since she’s been known to work for or ally herself with Loki when it suits her purposes, it would be easy to see her as one of the threats in “Thor 3.”

Amora’s desire to have Thor to herself would make for an interesting money wrench in his relationship with Jane Foster. Plus her vast repertoire of magical powers would make for an interesting challenge for the Son of Odin, one he wouldn’t necessarily be able to just bash his way through.

Not to worry though. For a physical battle that’s sure to test Thor and make for some explosive action scenes, the next person on this list has been known to tag around with the Enchantress…