New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Ramps Up Action, Anticipation


There weren’t many on-field highlights during Super Bowl XLVIII unless you were a Seattle Seahawks fan. For everyone else, you had to look to the commercials, and for fans of comic book super heroes in particular, there were a couple of goodies during the Big Game.

One was a brand new trailer for “Captain America” The Winter Soldier” (which actually ran during the pre-game show, but hey) one that had an even longer counterpart online. And it did not disappoint, clocking in at a solid 2 1/2 minutes and serving up multiple action-oriented snippets from Cap’s second solo outing.

Of course he’s not exactly solo seeing as both Black Widow and the Falcon are along for the ride this time. The trailer sees all three heroes put through their physical paces, especially Falcon, who gets grounded the hard way by the Winter Soldier—though in awesome fashion, he pops right up and keeps on fighting.

Along with the action scenes, there are also glimpses of some of the dramatic themes, with Cap and Black Widow about to uncover a dead body and Nick Fury challenging Steve on who’s calling the shots. Then there’s the angst around the identity of the Winter Soldier (semi-spoiler: it’s someone Steve already knows), and Cap’s assessment that he might be physically overmatched by the man with the cybernetic arm.

In case you didn’t see the extended version of the “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” trailer, we’ve got it right here. Watch it and get even more excited for April 4.


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