Who Is… What Is… Marvel Universe Live?


To tell you the truth, I’m not 100 percent sure. But since I got an email about it the other day alerting to tickets going on sale when “Marvel Universe Live” comes to my area (actually to Philadelphia, which is about two hours from me), I figured I should so some digging.

Turns out “Marvel Universe Live” is a live arena show that will be touring North America for the next few years, bringing Marvel super heroes and villains to life right in front of our eyes. According to the official site, the show features “cutting-edge special effects, pyrotechnics, aerial stunts, martial arts, motorcycles and more.”

Featured heroes include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, Storm, Black Widow and Hawkeye, teaming to fight bad guys like Loki and Green Goblin. According to a preview piece in USA Today, the story centers around one of the great plot devices of our time, the Cosmic Cube. Large screens and extensive 3D projections are used to transform the look of the arena into different locations so a world-encompassing plot and tons of super-powered action can fit in your local venue.

Sounds interesting, to say the least—as in, the “I’d better not let my five-year old find out about this or I’ll end up pre-ordering tickets right away” kind of interesting. Tickets range from $45 to $150, and they’re already on sale for dates from the first stop in Tampa this July to Green Bay all the way in March 2016.

You can see the whole list of “Marvel Universe Live” tour dates right here, and if you go to one of the initial stops this summer, make sure you let us know how it was.


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