Batman animated movie to be produced based on Arkham series


In the wake of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, fans of the comic character have begun to fully embrace a darker, more brooding take on the whole story. One of the first properties to spring on this newfound love of a darker Batman was the Arkham video game series, which has produced three games over the last few years.

After the success of those games, Warner Bros is looking into adapting the whole story into an animated film, something that will add to the comic book content surge that the studio is trying to force at the moment.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, director Jay Olivia will be heading up the production of an animated movie based on the Arkham trilogy for Warners:

"Indeed, Oliva’s next animated project will be Batman: Arkham Asylum, based on the successful Batman: Arkham video games."

The games themselves were works of art from both a video game perspective and a storytelling one as well. Not everyone played the games to get the whole story, but it sounds like they won’t have to as an animated movie based on the games is an idea too good to not work out.

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