Ben Affleck Batman reveal pushed back to late March?


Credit: Warner Bros.

Earlier this month it was teased that we could be seeing our first look at the new Ben Affleck Batsuit for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. While Forbes blogger Mark Hughes stated that he was hearing the reveal was scheduled around this time, he also noted that the delay in filming could mean a delay in the reveal of the Batsuit.

Turns out he was right, about the delay at least. Hughes offered up an update recently, stating that the new suit won’t be dropping until later this year. He didn’t give a specific date but noted that filming beginning in March could mean the reveal of the suit happens just before that.

There’s a chance that Warner Bros doesn’t reveal the suit until later in the summer to help hype some of their other movies, but this just means leaked set photos will be our first look at the Batsuit.

Either way, production is starting to ramp up for Batman vs. Superman and it’s only a matter of time before we get a glimpse at the next big screen take on the Batsuit.

[H/T: Batman-News]