Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist And Jessica Jones Series Will Shoot In New York City


In the comics, Daredevil is on his way to San Francisco to get a fresh start on his life (and possibly run into the Punisher, also currently in Cali). But the Man Without Fear is known for his connection to New York City in general and Hell’s Kitchen in particular, just as Luke Cage is associated with his upbringing in Harlem.

Score one for authenticity then, when it comes to the upcoming Daredevil and Luke Cage 13-episode series that Marvel and Disney are creating as part of their deal with Netflix. IGN is reporting that Disney has confirmed that both series, as well as those starring Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, will be shot in NYC.

It took some tax incentives from the New York government to make it happen, but Marvel fans should enjoy seeing the company’s street level heroes in their natural habitat instead of a place like Toronto masquerading as the Big Apple. We’ll begin seeing the fruits of this deal in 2015, with Daredevil leading off and all four heroes supposedly joining forces in a Defenders series to cap everything off.