DC Bringing Back Lenticular Covers For Futures End Event In September


Having lived through the crazy comic book cover gimmicks of the 90s, I was a little skeptical when DC announced its lenticular covers for the Villains Month promotion last year. But when the covers actually arrived, they were stunning — much more interesting, in many cases, than the villain-starring one-shots inside them.

They also sold well, which is even more important from DC’s perspective. So it really shouldn’t come as any big surprise that the covers are returning this September, with DC telling Newsarama that they will tie in with the Futures End event that kicks off that month. They’re even enhanced this time around with technology that co-publisher Dan DiDio says will allow “the images change and show the transformation going on.”

As for the event itself, Futures End is supposed to be a look into the possible future of the New 52 universe five years from the present time. It’s obvious DC has a lot riding on it, as the story will begin in a weekly series this May, impact the whole line in September and then carry over to another weekly series beginning in October that will be set in the present but impact the future.

(As an aside, for a comics universe that is less than three years old, the New 52 is a confusing place. We’ve had stories set five to six years in the past taking place alongside stories set in the present almost the whole time, and now we’re already delving into possible futures. Yeesh.)

The good news is that DC is supposedly working with retailers to figure out a better system than the one in 2013 that left some fans disappointed after they were stuck with the normal covers for some of the Villains Month issues. That’s crucial, because if Futures End fails to strike a chord with its content, you at least want to end up with some sweet high tech covers to show off.


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