Batman Trivia #4


Once again it is time for Batman Trivia of the Day! Yesterday I asked how many non-Robin sidekicks Batman has had and if you can name them. I can name five people, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and then Oracle, Jason Todd as Red Hood, Cassandra Cain as Batgirl and then Black Bat, and Harper Row as Bluebird. If I have left any out please let me know in the comments. The Bonus question asked if you could name every member of Batman INC. According to there are 39 members of Batman INC including Batman himself.

Alfred Pennyworth, Azrael, Barbara Gordon, Bat-Cow, Batman, Batwing, Batwoman, Cassandra Cain, Catwoman, Chief Man-of-Bats, Damian Wayne, Dark Ranger, David Zavimbe, Dick Grayson, Freight Train, Gaucho, Halo, Huntress, James Gordon, Jason Todd, Jean-Paul Valley, Katana, Knight, Looker, Metamorpho, Mr. Unknown, Nightrunner, Pippi Giovanni, Raven Red, Ravil, Robin, Spidra, Squire, Stephanie Brown, Talon, The Hood, Tim Drake, Traktir, and Vicki Vale.

I’m really excited to bring you today’s Batman trivia as it was inspired by Batman: Arkham City. Who wrote No Man’s Land the comic series that Arkham City is based on? Who was the artist? Bonus points if you can name all the Batman villains to appear in No Man’s Land.  I really enjoy Batman Trivia of the Day, it allows me to test my level of knowledge and hopefully my readers also enjoy Batman Trivia of the Day.

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