Gotham pilot script revealed?


Warning: potential spoilers for the pilot episode of Gotham ahead!

On Friday posted an article about Fox Network’s much anticipated show Gotham. claims to have gotten their hands on a copy of the pilot script for Gotham, although they do warn that they cannot be sure if it is the real deal or just a fake. io9 had this to say about the script:

"The main problem with Gotham is that it’s the most exposition-filled, perfunctory TV episode I’ve ever seen. Not only does Gotham want to introduce its entire cast, which it does without subtlety or any attempt at characterization, but it derails the entirety of the show, because Gordon and Bullock have to stop everywhere and introduce everybody while ostensibly trying to solve the crime. It’s not the least common problem for a pilot to have, but Gotham is over-stuffed even before the script has to spend 20 minutes just spelling out the Batman-ness of it all."

The full article can be read here.

I gotta say, after reading the article for myself I really hope the script is a fake, or gets drastically changed before the pilot finally airs this fall. In the script Catwoman is a 14 year old feline loving cat-burglar, Poison Ivy is a little girl with bad parents and lots of houseplants called Ivy not Pamela Isley. Jim Gordon’s fiancee used to date Renee Montoya, and is apparently a moron, io9 quoted her line:

"BARBARA (blithely): Jim, you are the cleverest, bravest, goodest man in Gotham."

Now I don’t know much about Barbara Gordon Sr. but I’m pretty sure she was intelligent and I think I would remember if she was bisexual. Every time Oswald Cobblepot, a thug for mob boss Fish Mooney, is seen on screen someone mentions that he looks like a penguin. And for some reason the Riddler is the GCPD coroner and tries to give all pertinent case information in the form of a riddle. It’s like Fox is saying “see, this is a Batman show, look look, this person is a Batman villain!” I am still holding out hopes that Gotham will be the awesome show we all want it to be but from this ‘first look’ I’m already highly disappointed. Remember to check Caped Crusades often for more updates on Gotham as they become available, and for all your Batman needs.

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