Explore Time Travel Gone Wrong In What If: Age Of Ultron #1


You’d think that by now, the super heroes of the Marvel universe would realize that time travel doesn’t fix anything. It just creates more problems, even if you succeed in going back into the past and fixing something that seems obvious.

It’s even worse when you change something you aren’t even trying to change, which is the premise of What If: Age of Ultron #1. Instead of killing Hank Pym before he can create Ultron, it’s the Wasp who ends up dead before her time. Though the world mourns here loss, the good news is that Pym is too upset to build his most infamous creation. The bad news is that the future ends up even more screwed up than before. See? We told you it wasn’t a good idea!

What If: Age of Ultron #1 kicks off a weekly limited series that imagines a world that somehow is worse than the one in Age of Ultron, which already was not very nice. Writer Joe Keatinge is joined by artist Raffaele Ienco on this one, with other artists rotating in to handle the other issues.

The preview pages below (click to make them full size) can help get you ready for the consequences of messing with the past, which you’ll see if you pick the book up on April 2.