Troy Baker on Batman: Arkham Knight


IGN‘s Luke Karmali recently interviewed Troy Baker about The Last of Us, and took the opportunity to ask Mr. Baker if he was going to be reprising his role as Two Face in Batman: Arkham Knight. Here is a little of what they talked about in the interview:

"I asked Baker if he’d be interested in returning to the recently announced Arkham Knight, seeing as Kevin Conroy is returning as Batman, and we also know Two-Face will be back and Baker’s voiced him in previous entries in the series. All he’d say was, “Two-Face is back and Arkham Knight is coming out,” before laughing hysterically. We’ll take that as a yes, then."

See the full interview here.

So it looks like Troy Baker is voicing Two Face once again in the last installment in the Arkham franchise. Now if only Mark Hamill would come out of retirement for one last hurrah as The Joker. Seriously he couldn’t wait for one more game to retire? I think retiring on the last Arkham game would have been perfect. But then again maybe The Joker will just stay dead for this game, and Troy Baker (who voiced The Joker in Arkham Origins) won’t be pulling double duty as both villains. I don’t know I find it unlikely that The Joker is really dead, I expect to see him back in Batman: Arkham Knight. So far no mention of The Joker has been made in regards to the game but it would be weird to have really killed off Batman’s worst enemy. Caped Crusades will keep you up to date on all the latest news about Arkham Knight so don’t forget to check back often.

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