Witness A Milestone With Ultimate Spider-Man #200


If Marvel’s Ultimate Universe has been about anything since it was launched in 2000, it’s been constant change. Without the constraints imposed by years of continuity, creators have been able to keep Earth-1610 in a constant state of upheaval, something recently continued by the Cataclysm event.

Despite that — and despite the death of the Ultimate version of Peter Parker — the book that started it all is going to reach a significant milestone in April. Ultimate Spider-Man #200 is a special double-sized issue written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by a number of artists associated with the series: Dave Marquez, Mark Bagley, Mark Brooks, Sara Pichelli and  David Lafuente.

What can we expect in this special issue? A tribute to Parker on the anniversary of his death, for starters. But there are “shocking truths” about the late Spider-Man that are going to come out, and a dark plan that will be set in motion. And with the book about to get new life a few weeks later as Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, there are bad things beginning that will affect the current Spidey, including what Marvel is calling “the shocking ending that will have everyone talking.”

We’ve got the cover and three preview pages from this issue celebrating the past, present and future of the Ultimate Universe. Ultimate Spider-Man #200 hits comic stores and digital on April 2.