See baby Spider-Man in brilliant Evian commercial


A still from the Evian commercial featuring Spider-Man

Sony have definitely taken marketing a film to an incredible new level (See what I did there, I avoided using the obvious ‘Amazing’ pun and wen’t for another similar word). On top of the fantastic (I did it again) amount of pictures, posters, videos and clips that they’ve dumped on us we’ve also been treated to a slew of Spider-Man cross-over adverts.

First there was the random advert where footballers from Real Madrid and Barcelona pretended to be Spider-Man. Then we saw that Spider-Man had been drafted in by the USPS to do their deliveries, with Stan Lee in particular needing a package sharpish. Now however bottled water company Evian have borrowed Spidey for perhaps the most brilliant advert yet. Check out the advert below

Spider-Baby just looks weird.

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