From what I hear, the Winter So..."/>

From what I hear, the Winter So..."/>

The Winter Soldier Invades Super Hero Squad Online


From what I hear, the Winter Solider was recently in a movie that made some pretty good money at the box office. So if he was ever going to show up in Super Hero Squad Online, this would be the perfect time.

Guess what? He totally is! The brainwashed assassin alter ego of James “Bucky” Barnes is the game’s newest playable character, sporting powers like Throwing Knives, Rifle Sweep and Sniper Time, perfect for taking out enemies of all kinds.

In case you fancy something a little more Easter-related, there’s a sale on bunny sidekicks. That’s all the Easter you can handle wrapped up in a pint-sized package. There’s a weekend World Event going on too,  with the Mysterious Mutants Bundle that includes Mystique and Nightcrawler up for grabs. It cycles every four hours through April 21 at 1 pm PDT, giving you plenty of time to go visit Uatu in Baxter Plaza. You should really pay your respects to him soon anyway.

All this and you can enter the code “NWSHND” to get a free title too. That’s, what, like four reasons to play Super Hero Squad Online this holiday weekend? Go Hero Up before you have to eat Easter dinner.