Symbiotes hinted at in Amazing Spider-Man 2



For those of you wondering if we’d get a symbiote easter egg in Amazing Spider-Man 2, well we did. However it was none of the ones that we were expecting. I posted a long list of potential Venom sightings that were revealed in trailers for the film, tweets from people involved in the film or other promotional materials and not one of them turned up.

I’m still slightly bemused that the scene with the ‘Man in the Shadows’ when he walks past the Doc Oc arms and the Vulture wing harness and eventually reveals what seems to be the symbiote moving around in the very next chamber didn’t actually make it into the movie. You can see that picture below.

Is this the Venom symbiote?

Instead that chamber was seen towards the end of the movie, but instead of the Venom symbiote it contained the mechanic Rhino suit that we’ve seen Paul Giamatti’s character wearing. Why they’ve done this I don’t know. They probably wanted to save the symbiote reveal for another film. After all there was a lot going on in this film.

However fear not Spider-Fans because there was a small and subtle hint to the symbiote in the movie that many might have missed. It’s also an exciting hint because it may give us the origin of the symbiote. Originally the symbiote came from space and bonded with Peter Parker. However the Amazing Spider-Man films are based off of the ultimate universe and the symbiote is introduced differently.

So, where was this hint? In the drive containing Norman Osborn’s life work that he gives to Harry there is a video mentioning many cures and developments that OsCorp have been doing, obviously to save Norman’s life. One of the things mentioned is research to cure cancer that could also be used as a bioweapon. This is exactly what the ultimate Venom suit is!

Sadly this means that Spider-Man won’t be introducing space and aliens just yet, as everything will be very much grounded in science and reality and everything will as always stem from OsCorp. But, the exciting news is that the Venom symbiote is out there, we’ve seen it (even though perhaps we shouldn’t have) and now we’ve heard where it comes from in the film itself. It’s only a matter of time before we see the Venom character we’re all waiting for!

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