Spidey won’t join Avengers because ‘he’s a loner’ says Marc Webb


Spidey won’t join Avengers because “he’s a loner” says Marc Webb

We’ve seen many people saying that would love a Spider-Man team-up with the Avengers or the X-Men or the Fantastic Four. And we’ve seen several people say that it will never happen. However Marc Webb is the latest to pitch in and give a reason for or against the much wanted team-up.

But first let’s look at some of the recent comments on a Spider-Man crossover possibility. Recently rumours of a Spider-Man/X-Men team-up arose due to the X-Men end credits scene at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2. However it turned out that this move was nothing to do with hinting at a potential crossover.

Spider-Man producer Avi Arad also recently denounced Spider-Man turning up in an Avengers movie as nothing more than a ‘stunt’ and that it’d only happen if Sony ‘ran out of ideas’ of what to do with the character. With several spin-off films in the works and at least two other Amazing Spider-man films it doesn’t look like ideas are running out yet.

However it is perhaps Marc Webb’s recent explanation in an interview with Desde Hollywood that is the most bizarre, or perplexing. When asked about a crossover he replied “Spider-Man is a loner. Is all part of who he is. Also, there aren’t other superheroes hanging around in his universe to help him out. If there were some I am sure he would check them out to see what was up. It does get lonely. It’s tough being Spider-Man. […] If there were other superheroes he would probably hang out with them.”

Here Webb seems to be suggesting that Spider-Man’s universe is completely separate from the Avengers universe and that there’s no way a team-up could happen. Although his suggestion that Spider-Man is a loner is odd, especially when you consider that Spider-Man has cropped up to help out pretty much every superhero team that Marvel has going at one time or another.

Still, the Spider-Man appearing in Avengers debate continues.

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