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Dane DeHaan hints Green Goblin’s appearance in Sinister Six


Spider-Man vs Green Goblin

Earlier I posted an extract from an interview Dane DeHaan did on where he mentioned how he had to ‘fight’ to win the role of the Green Goblin. I’d like to thank Dane for his hard work in securing the role because I think he did a great job as Harry Osborn and a decent job in his limited screen-time as the Spidey villain Green Goblin.

So, will we see Green Goblin in future Spider-Man films, like the Amazing Spider-Man 3 or 4, or more importantly will he be in the Sinister Six spin-off? Well in Dane DeHaan’s character Harry Osborn’s words (which were shown in the trailer but cut from the film) “Isn’t that the question of the day”

And it’s a question that he answers in the interview, saying

"“I really don’t know the future of Harry or the Green Goblin,” he said. “I haven’t seen any sort of script or anything. But I think it’s really obvious when you watch this movie that it’s setting up for something bigger. There’s definitely something bigger to come.”"

To be honest, having seen the movie, I think it’s a pretty much dead cert at this point that there are at least plans for Dane DeHaan’s character to return and be a part of the Sinister Six as he seems to be intrinsically linked with them. But would Dane want to come back and do another Spider-Man movie. Of course he would

"“”Yeah, absolutely, I had such a great time, I really did. It kind of exceeded my expectations. It was like my childhood dreams and my adult dreams all coming together in one. If they would invite me back, I’d go back gladly.”"

So I think we can take from this the news that Green Goblin will be in the Sinister Six. Although as we’ve seen with Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane Watson, or that ‘Isn’t that the question of the day’ line that didn’t make it to the cinematic release it appears that Sony’s plans can and do change.

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