the Spider-Verse is coming. 'Every Single One' will be appearing, well that is providing that it's ..."/> the Spider-Verse is coming. 'Every Single One' will be appearing, well that is providing that it's ..."/>

Some of the confirmed Spider-Men for the Spider-Verse



So the Spider-Verse is coming. ‘Every Single One’ will be appearing, well that is providing that it’s legally possible for them to appear. So all Spider-Men that aren’t legally allowed to appear won’t be seen in the Spider-Verse. However the C2E2 event has shed some light on who will be appearing.

But first let’s look at what we already know. We found out recently that new character Silk, who was the second person bitten by Peter Parker’s radioactive spider,  will be appearing in the Spider-Verse. I think it’s also realistic to expect that every Spider-Man in the following picture will be there.

Marvel’s Spider-Verse is unveiled

For those who don’t want to sit there and sieve through the picture and figure out every Spider-Man in it, here’s a list of all of the Spider-Men that are in it.

Now, moving on to C2E2. The following Spider-Men were confirmed to be appearing. Spider-Woman and Arana (Spider-Girl) will be in the Spider-Verse to add a bit of femininity to proceedings. We’ve learnt that it might not be Peter Parker in the Iron Spider costume. Also confirmed is Ben Reilly, although Spider-Man writer Nick Lowe said “You will see a Ben Reilly Spider-Man in Spider-Verse. Whether he’s around or not after that is up in the air.”

But some of the more obscure Spidey’s will be appearing as well – 70’s Japanese TV show Spidey (with Giant Robot), Electric Company Spider-Man, Kaine’s Scarlet Spider, a potential Spider-Dog as well as any other new incarnations of Spider-Man they think of, Cartoon Spider-Man, Peter Porker Spider-Ham, Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man, 1602′s Peter Parqhar, a new British Spider-Man and the assassin Spider-Man from ‘What If: Spider-Man Vs Wolverine’ (pictured below, courtesy of Bleeding Cool)

Now some of these are in the poster, some aren’t. However all of these Spider-Men/Women/Animals will be appearing in the upcoming Spider-Verse story. I hope to keep you posted as and when more Spider-Men/Women/Animals are revealed to be appearing in the huge storyline.

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