Spider-Man: Who Am I? available in print for free


Spider-Man: Who Am I?

Spider-Man: Who Am I? Is a tie-in comic to go alongside the release of the new Amazing Spider-Man. However it was previously thought that the comic would only be rolled out digitally on the  Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Store in May 2014.

However bleedingcool.com is reporting that Spider-Man: Who Am I? will also be released in print. Apparently Marvel are going to publish the comic in a free issue to be distributed to comic book stores, where it will then be given away. Available orders per store are twice as many copies as the retailer ordered of Superior Spider-Man#26

At C2E2 the writer behind ‘Who Am I’ Joshua Fialkov discussed the story and said ““Spider-Man, I think, at his very core, is a guy who can’t ever win,” Fialkov said. “He’s a guy who strives to be good—great even—but will always fall short. What makes him lovable is that it’s never for lack of trying. He’s always aspiring to an impossible standard that he can’t live up to. That’s something that, I think, reverberates with all of us.”

I’ve tried finding out if the comic will be available on Forbidden Planet, but there’s nothing on the website so I guess if you want a copy of the comic in print you’ll just have to rock up to the nearest comic book store and see if they’re laid out on a table like free magazines at a dentists.

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