Venom confirmed for Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game



Gameloft’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game is somewhat of an unknown entity for me. I personally don’t know much about it other than it’s a fairly decent game, courtesy of Bam Smack Pow’s review and that it’s available on mobile gaming devices like the iPad. And I call myself a Spider-Man news editor…

However thanks to the amazing source of news that is Reddit (okay, that was slightly tongue in cheek) a picture has surfaced of a so-far unconfirmed villain. The picture is from the launch trailer and shows Venom in all of his black monstrous glory smiling at the camera.

So here’s the picture

A screenshot of Venom from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game?

So there you have it folks, That’s a fairly clear shot of what is undoubtedly Venom . He’ll be in the mobile game alongside Electro, Kraven, Black Cat  and Green Goblin who can all be seen in the game’s launch trailer below. From this it seems that the mobile game and console game will have similar storylines and villains with one getting Venom and the other getting Carnage.

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