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Final boss revealed for Amazing Spider-Man 2 game


Amazing Spider-Man 2 game’s final boss revealed

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is almost out and now we know the majority of the villains that will be appearing. There’s Spider-Man’s apparent mentor Kraven the Hunter, there’s Kingpin who puts a price on Spider-Man’s head, there’s Electro and Green Goblin who are also in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, there’s Black Cat and there’s Carnage.

But will any of them actually appear as bosses, and more importantly will one of them be the final boss in the game, or does that honour go to an as yet unknown villain? Well, thanks to someone already completing the game and posting a video of the ending online we now know who the final boss is.

So, if you don’t want to know who the final boss is, then stop reading now! And definitely don’t want the below video. If you do want to know who the final boss is, then definitely watch the below video. WARNING! The video also includes a couple of cut-scenes that take place after the Carnage boss battle so stop watching if you don’t want to see them either.

So as you can see the final boss battle is against Cletus Kasady’s Carnage and it looks fairly epic, with the fire and all the dialogue between Carnage and Spidey. Basically if nothing gets you excited, not only for getting the game, but for completing it than this video of the Carnage boss battle will!

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