Kingpin teases Amazing Spider-Man 3 video game


Kingpin greeting a surprise villain and hinting at an Amazing Spider-Man 3 video game

Just recently I was asked on Twitter if there would be another Amazing Spider-Man video game after Amazing Spider-Man 2. Whilst I’ve yet to ask Beenox, (I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t give me a straight answer either way,) the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game itself seems to give us all somewhat of answer for them.

Someone who has played and completed the game has posted the video of the ending online, the video features the final boss battle, an awesome cut-scene with Peter Parker talking to Stan Lee (as Stan Lee) and a post-credits scene that shows Kingpin and a surprising villain revelation.

You can see the video here but be warned there are spoilers!

Now it’s that final scene with Kingpin and a surprising villain that perhaps gives us the biggest clue about whether or not we’ll be getting a third Amazing Spider-Man game developed by Beenox. The scene features Kingpin welcoming the surprise villain, to which the villain asks “what happens now?”. Kingpin replies “Now… The real work begins.” seemingly hinting at bigger things to come!

Now I haven’t played Amazing Spider-Man 2 yet, but I get the general impression that Spider-Fans are mostly happy with Beenox’s work with the Amazing Spider-Man games and would happily welcome a third instalment to their video game franchise. Hopefully we get a chance to see what Kingpin’s “Real work” is.

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