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Finally Japanese television Spider-Man returns for the Spider-Verse!


Japanese Television Spider-Man

Perhaps the best news from the recent C2E2 event was that Japanese Television Spider-Man was one of the confirmed Spider-Men to be appearing in the upcoming Spider-Verse storyline. Now I know what you’re thinking, but honestly guys, Japanese Spider-Man is literally the best thing.

I’m sensing that you guys don’t believe me. Marvel teamed up with Japanese Television makers Toei and brought us Takuya Yamashiro a dirt-bike rider who who was granted incredible power by Garia, an alien from Planet Spider, and tasked with stopping the evil plans of Professor Monster and his nefarious Iron Cross Army. How does he stop Professor Monster? With machine guns, a bull-themed car called the GP-7, and a freaking lion-themed megazord called Leopardon. Here’s the trailer, it’s intense.

Now you may be thinking that it’s all very, well, ‘Power Rangers-y’ with the evil villain creating evil monsters, and weird multiplying putty minions fighting a costumed hero that can occasionally pilot a giant lion-themed robot, and you’d be right! However it was Japanese Spider-Man that paved the way for Power Rangers, not the other way around. (Does that mean that the Power Rangers are secretly all Spider-Men?)

Leopardon, Japanese Spider-Man’s giant robot

Honestly though I think we all know how this Spider-Verse storyline will go down, Morlun will role through Spider-Man 2099 and Ultimate Spider-Man, heck he’ll even cross Peter Parker but then Supaidaman will appear with his dirt-bike, machine guns, bull themed car and giant lion robot and Morlun will be toast in seconds.

I called it here first guys.  Also big props to the guys over at for helping me see how awesome Japanese Television Spider-Man really is. Check them out, they’re great fun!

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