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IGN has Posted the First Gotham Trailer!


IGN has the first Gotham trailer posted! Here is a blurb from the article that accompanied the trailer:

"The first teaser trailer for Gotham — just officially ordered to series — has debuted, via EW. Check out the first glimpse at this new Batman prequel series, focusing on a young Jim Gordon."

Just hours ago we at Caped Crusades reported that Fox has officially picked up Gotham and that the trailer would be available later tonight, and here it is!

See the rest of the IGN article by Eric Goldman, here.

Well it looks alright, I’m not blown away but it certainly doesn’t look terrible. The trailer does really seem to want to beat it into the audience that this is a Batman show. I’m worried that Gotham is really relying on Batman to be the draw for the show. I hope the show is good enough to draw viewers in on its own. We all know how hard it can be to keep a show on Fox. Check back with Caped Crusades for more news on Gotham and all your Batman content needs!

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