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Amazing Spider-Man 2 gameplay walkthrough diary: Day 2


Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

The Carnage Killer strikes and I let J. Jonah. Jameson down

After my first foray into the world of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game, that was unceremoniously ended by friends coming over I managed to fit in a bit more gameplay earlier this week, picking up where I left off with Peter Parker meeting Stan Lee at the Comic Stand.

Whilst I thought having a fourth wall breaking from Stan Lee, and having him know Uncle Ben enough to say ‘he was a good man’ was a bit of a suspension of disbelief breaker it was certainly nice to see Stan cameo in something other than a Marvel film for a change, even if it was rightly or wrongly as himself for the first time.

So, I’ve just rescued Stan from a fire, what could Peter Parker/Spider-Man possibly have to do next? Well in an amusing but perhaps slightly over-long cut-scene we’re treated to Spider-Man impatiently waiting for any news of Carradine to turn up on his radio interceptor thingy. After a while news of Spidey’s target arises and you’re thrown back into web-slinging around the city to his location.

What happens next is a car chase! It sounds more exciting than perhaps it was, as you mainly just Web Rush onto a car, take out a thug, rescue a hostage and then let Carradine go, all in a simple button-mashing sequence. After the hostage encourages Spidey with “Stop that Psycho” you then head off in search of Carradine only to find a burning car and a murder scene.

We see Carradine’s hand emerging from under several convenient trash bags and we see the initials ‘CK’ painted onto the wall (in what I think is blood, i’m not sure). You’re prompted to take a picture of the maybe-blood graffiti tag after calling in a dead body to the police. This is quite obviously a reference to one Cletus Kasady, who is Carnage. It seems that Cletus is killing people, and has brutally murdered the man who killed Uncle Ben. I guess that Cletus is a big part of the storyline now?

Now it’s time to meet another popular Spider-Man character, Aunt May, as you are told to return home via some literal tube-hopping. Lots more web-slinging is required to get there and I’m still not very good at it. At Aunt May’s (and your) house you can look through your Spidey-suits (so far I only have three, both Amazing Spider-Man films and the Vigilante costume) and you can replay missions.

Then we get to meet Aunt May and discuss in tedious length the murder of Carradine, as it’s made the news. The conversational gameplay elements like this one tend to come across as disjointed and, dare I, say it even unintentionally comical as Peter Parker’s emotions and tone change drastically with every question/answer. Nonetheless it’s nice to get some exposition and backstory and feel like you’ve partly earnt it.

However Spider-Man’s break from Spider-Man-ing is short-lived as the news also reports that a certain Herman Schultz has launched a raid on Oscorp. Oh good! Looks like I’m going to get my first look at Oscorp and maybe see some cool things. Anyway it’s not long before I’ve headed out of the bedroom window and web-slung my way towards Oscorp.

Sadly, and rather frustratingly, despite picking up two comic-book pages, this session of short-but-sweet gameplay ended with me trying and failing to achieve a photography mission ordered by J Jonah. Jameson. He wanted a unique photo of the Oscorp sign that no-one else could get and I spent almost an hour Web-Rushing from helicopter to helicopter and taking pictures of the Oscorp sign trying to appease Jameson to no avail.

Schultz and Oscorp will have to wait, there’s a much more pressing and terrifying man after me.

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