Scrapped Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane Watson scene revealed


Mary Jane

Mary Jan Watson was supposed to appear in Amazing Spider-Man 2. We all know that. But until now we didn’t really know what Shailene Woodley’s scrapped Spider-Man love interest would have been doing in the film should her scenes have made the final cut.

Luckily for everyone concept artist Gregory Hill spoke about an MJ scene he was working on for the film in a recent interview, and what he has to say can give us more of a clue about what Marc Webb originally had in store for the red-head until he decided her appearance clashed with the focus on Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker.

"“In the script MJ and her father have recently moved in next door to Peter and his Aunt… He’s run into her a few times, and seen that her father has a habit of getting drunk and treating MJ badly. If I remember right, the scene I illustrated has her dad going into the garage, and suddenly getting hoisted upside down from the rafters….where he meets Spider-Man. And gets a dressing down for how badly he treats his daughter. I think that’s about the only MJ scene which was originally in the script… no, there was one other where she and Gwen briefly meet outside Peter’s house.”"

Concept art for a scene where Spider-Man confronts Mary Jane’s dad

The above picture is concept art from Gregory Hill who said that Marc Webb has the set built upside down to showcase Spider-Man’s ability to do whatever a spider can and walk on ceilings. Now, it’s irrelevant asking yourself if this scene should have been in or not and if you want a balanced argument discussing the pros and cons of Mary Jane’s cutting go here, but personally I’m quite happy there wasn’t another distraction from the main storyline in the film.

Now, there are doubts about whether or not we’ll see Shailene Woodley again in the Spider-Man universe, just as there are in-fact doubts about whether or not we’ll see the Mary Jane character again at all. One thing is for certain though, with a Spider-Man universe expansion it’ll be hard to justify her character not appearing.

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