Hornet suit perks for Amazing Spider-Man 2 game


One of the more random suits available in the game is the Hornet suit. A suit that Peter Parker wore in order to continue fighting crime when Spider-Man had been accused of murder during the ‘Identity Crisis’ storyline. The Hornet suit, whilst one of four different costumes that Parker wore, was designed by Mary Jane Watson-Parker and the cybernetically controlled wing-harness was designed by Hobie Brown.

Hornet suit

"COMBO STREAK BONUS: Spidey’s combo streak will increase more rapidly than before.SPIDER-SENSE RANGE: Increases the radius of Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense ability.CRITICAL RATE: Makes it easier for Spider-Man to pull off critical hits on enemies."

This is the latest in a long line of in-game perk announcements for Spider-Man suits. Click on the links to see the in-game perks for the Vigilante suit, Amazing Spider-Man 2 film suitMiles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man suit, Spider-Man 2099 suit, Superior Spider-Man suit, Cosmic Spider-Man suit, Iron Spider suit and finally the Spider-Man Noir and Black suits.

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