Petition for Spider-Man 3 deleted scenes


Petitions are all the rage these days, the internet makes it so much easier to collect signatures and some of them really do get taken seriously. Spider-Fans, Webheads and True Believers seem to have caught on to the power of the petition as they’ve started one for a director’s cut of Amazing Spider-Man 2.

But they haven’t stopped there, the petition has found its sights set firmly on Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, and you guessed it, people want to see the deleted scenes that didn’t make the theatrical cut. Essentially fans want a 3.1 release with all of the scenes that were reportedly omitted included to match the Spider-Man 2.1 edition that was released.

So if you want to see more Spider-Man footage than ever before check out the petition here and sign it. I’m slightly dubious about this one as I can’t see Sony promoting a Spider-Man world that doesn’t match the current iteration but still you never know, stranger things have happened in the world!

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