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Watch Dogs Easter Egg Starring Bruce Wayne


Well Batman fans, in my efforts to find you everything Batman I stumbled across an article on kotaku.com about Easter Eggs in the video game Watch Dogs, that caught my eye. You’ll have to forgive me, but I know virtually nothing about Watch Dogs, neither I nor my gamer husband has played it. I am however always interested in a good popculture reference to my beloved Dark Knight, and this is definitely a good one.

Bruce Wayne is a BDSM “enthusiast” and is 22% likely to commit a crime.

I think Watch Dogs is about a world where there is technology to predict which people will become criminals in order to stop crime before it happens. In this case , as you can see from the above photo, Bruce Wayne is a BDSM “enthusiast” and is 22% likely to commit a crime.

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Of course if this technology existed in Batman’s world he would have to tamper with it, because if you count vigilantism as a crime (which it is) his probability shoots up to 100% likely to commit a crime. The BDSM mention is an obvious jab at the batsuit, probably the anatomically correct rubber one from Batman and Robin with the nipples. In any case, seeing this made me laugh and I wanted to share it with the readers of Caped Crusades. You just never know what funny little thing we are going to find and write about here on Caped Crusades so make sure you are visiting us often for all the interesting little tidbits about Batman you could possibly want!

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